DJ H Boss

One of the premier DJ’s and performers of the UK wedding circuit!


‘H Boss’ has been spinning music since the age of 14, when he started on 12” vinyl's before graduating on to be a renowned CD Mixmaster and establish himself as something of an expert when it came to digital turntablism. H BOSS has the capability of controlling the crowd not just through his music but also as a MC and is regarded to be one of masters of the art of turning a party into a complete experience. There’s no doubt, you will never have a guest sitting down at your event if you book H BOSS!


With a music knowledge and playlist that goes from Retro & contemporary Bollywood to 80s Groove and Disco, his expansive range of the latest Bhangra, R&B and dance music is second to none - no music genre is ever a challenge!


Over the years, H Boss has also nurtured and guided many of today’s establish DJ names and his intentions have always been clear - "No matter what genre of music you are playing, use your knowledge and skill to keep as many people dancing on that dance floor for as long as possible and keep the tracks flowing in a way like no other - that is the definition, ambition and legacy of a Calibar DJ."