DJ Manz

DJ Manz is a young and very ambitious! Started working as a DJ from the tender age 14 he has always had an a huge interest in music and instruments and all other entertainment involving DJ’ing . He has always been versatile in whatever he does and can make anything sound great!


Djing has always come naturally to DJ Manz and he has had a great passion for it… For this reason he is now part of one of the UK’s Leading Entertainment Services in the country Calibar!


He has great talent and bring’s exceptional services to every event he attends!


Manz has quickly established himself as a versatile performer in the Calibar Roadshow. Having been brought up on Bhangra, and R&B he then found love for Hip Hop and Garage through his teens. Music has no barriers in his dj career. The energy from the crowd is Manz biggest buzz and his performance will always reflect though dance floors across the country. Performing at some of the most prestigious venues within the UK as well as countries such as Holland, Spain, India, Kenya ,Tenerife and much more.