City Pavilion

The Millennium Suite at the City Pavilion is now established as one of Londons foremost venues. Everyone that enters the space is immediately impressed by the size and quality of the room in front of them. Seasoned venue finders have been heard describing it as the "best venue in London of its size and capacity". If you drive into the carpark of the City Pavilion, the view ahead of you is impressive.


There is nothing however that quite prepares you for the inside of the building. The clue that the venue has a large capacity is in the car park, comfortably coping with 650+ cars. Walk through the doors and up the stairs and through the grand entrance of the Millennium Suite and you are presented with a room that can seat over 2000 people. Since there are no pillars in the room you can see whatever event is in progress clearly. The portable stage can be assembled in any part of the hall and can be as small or as large as you require.


The superb Swarovski crystal fibre optic chandeliers are complimented by subtle wall lighting all of which can be programmed to the colour of your choice. The state of the art background and dance floor sound systems giving superb clarity to both speech and music that is clear where ever you sit in this stunning arena.