Venue Draping

You choose the venue and we will transform it into an unbelievably beautiful venue, using our sophisticated and elegant draping systems.


Whether it is a magical wedding or an important business event and you have hundreds of ideas running across your mind that will make your event stand out. Just like us. We have the skill, creative bent of mind, experience and props to create delightful and jaw-dropping draping styles that will leave your guests spellbound.


We are known as one of the best companies in venue draping, decor and setup. Once we know your theme and specific colors to be used, we set up your venue with these chosen drapes and decor in that unified theme. Whatever the size of your venue whether it be small intimate or large and grand , we will adapt to size very easily and complete all draping arrangements much before the appointed time.


As professionals in the venue draping business, we know just which specific touches will highlight your entire venue.


We can create contemporary styles if you wish or a period ambience, if that's where your preference lies.


Why choose us for your venue draping?


We are experienced and knowledgeable in this field, plus we are highly creative. So, we create new decor and draping styles that reflect your unique personality.


We can adapt our style to your theme.


Our staff is well trained to cater to all kinds of events--wedding, birthdays, engagements, dances, corporate events, etc.


We are trained in health and safety measures at the workplace and carry licenses to use ladders and scaffold towers, where needed.


To know all that we can do to make your event memorable, call us on 01753 644648.