Amrit Bharj

"Amrit Bharj is a passionate and prolific open format DJ, Remix Producer, & MC, with specialty in genres Bhangra, RnB, Hip Hop & Dancehall. Formerly, he was part of a roadshow in the North, which helped him expand his creative horizons and expose himself to a wide variety of musical genres, all while staying true to his original feel-good, R&B soulful vibes. Since then, he has appeared at numerous venues all throughout the U.K. and the world.   

Throughout the years, he has seen multiple waves of success. From playing at some of the most prestigious venues and celebrity haunts in the UK, to corporate events in Las Vegas.

Amrit Bharj is now the go-to DJ for countless big-name artists and celebrities, such as Mumzy Stranger, H Dhami, Juggy D, urban music producer Sevaqk and many more.   As well as exclusive sets for celebrities such as Michelle Keegan and popular fashion brands.  

Knowing no limits, Amrit Bharjs’ interests have recently shifted towards the realm of music production, creating his own remixes to be used in his exclusive sets, and receiving airplay on well-known national radio stations, including BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1xtra and BBC Asian Network. 

Amrit Bharj has over a decade of experience in the music scene, and makes a conscious effort to create fresh and unique sounds."