Panjabi MC

DJ, Rapper and Music Producer, Panjabi MC began his career producing beats, writing raps and creating tracks to perform at club events across the UK.

As his fan base grows, 12 albums deep and smash hits under his belt, Panjabi MC is still growing strong producing anthem after anthem.

‘Mundian To Bach Ke’ (Beware of The Boys) released worldwide in 2003 took Panjabi MC’s sound all over the world. The track smashed records in all parts of the world.

Jay Z’s performance on the track proved that the bhangra sound had crossed over to the mainstream audience.

DJing across the world to audiences diverse in culture and smashing language barriers whereever he goes, Panjabi MC maintains to spread his music and vibe into 2013.

‘Indian Timing’ released in 2009 proved to be another classic album. ‘Snake Charmer’, ‘Panjaban’, ‘Disco Dancer’, ‘Kee Lagh Da’ and ‘Stop What Your Doing’ are only 5 out of the 20 tracks are ripping up dance floors all over.

‘The Raj’ – released November 2010 18 tracks of pumping basslines and catchy hooks and not forgetting the dance floor anthem ‘Moorni’.