DJ Gavin

DJ Gavin was introduced to music from a very young age being surrounded by several leading influencers in this industry. Over the past decade DJ Gavin and his love for music has evolved into a passion making him a full open format DJ, capable of playing genre blending sets with a creative and personal touch.

With a universal language of music DJ Gavin has an innovative and extensive knowledge blending all music from mainstream Bhangra, Bollywood, Hip-Hop, R&B, UK House & Garage and not forgetting taking the crowd down memory lane with old school classics.

DJ Gavin brings something new and fresh to each and every event. He has learnt new skills and techniques throughout the years in order to ensure he performs at his best. He has a great passion for DJ’ing and he’s able to meet the requirements for all his clients. DJ Gavin treats every event as if it was his last, keeping the dancefloor energetic from start to finish.

His repertoire as a DJ and host exceeds itself, and he is always excited to show what he has to offer and would be a great choice of DJ for any event!


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