DJ Kitkat

Arguably a well respected DJ/Host and a recognised brand within the wedding industry who is fast gaining a reputation as one of the hottest in-demand Bollywood DJ’s. Having gained his experience through the ranks of the Asian roadshow scene from a young age, it is here his love for music developed and his talent began to shine. Born and raised in Southall his Punjabi/Bollywood upbringing has always been at the core of his journey and it is from this he has created his own style and showmanship. 

As you might be wondering; The name DJ Kitkat has derived from him never taking a break, his ambition and determination is reflected through his achievements. Whilst holding down a full-time career as a Pilot, if he is not scouring the skies, he can most definitely be found on the ground putting his creative mind to work behind the decks.

DJ Kitkat’s versatility puts him as a front runner for those looking for a good variety of music at their event. His repertoire of music consists of and not limited to; Bhangra, Bollywood, 80s/90s/Current RNB & Hip-hop, Arabic and Afrobeats. 

He has gained a reputation for his background sets which are just pure musical genius and have become fiercely known as natural party starters! His natural ability to adapt and time his music to reflect the various moods makes the DJ Kitkat experience nothing short of energy and passion which will leave your dance floor wanting more!

He is highly active on social media posting everything from planes to performances, so we really recommend the only way to keep up with him is to give him a follow! Be sure to look out for his latest event highlights, upcoming music content and the odd cheeky landing or too. (Instagram:

We are pleased to be able to offer his talent as a Calibar DJ to our clients both in the UK and Internationally. As a popular choice his availability is limited, so we highly recommend that you secure your date in advance to avoid disappointment. 


“Over the years we have seen your talent grow first hand, this is why it comes as no surprise that you are our go-to family DJ. A talented individual whose passion is reflected through his style of music! You come highly recommended; We always receive great feedback regarding your professionalism and manor. We are proud to have you associated with our events and can definitely say you come with a Madhu’s seal of approval.”  Arjun Anand, Director, Madhu’s


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Beyond mere prevention, we provide solutions that adapt, learn, and grow to keep pace with evolving threats.

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