Shin DCS

DCS is a Bhangra band that was formed in 1983. DCS has been shaking the Bhanga industry and the world’s Asian population ever since. They have a remarkable, innovative ability to adapt to changing trends. They also play a major part in creating trends and being a role model for up and coming bands.

They were the first band to utilise the modern creative sounds of the synthesizers in the production of the late 80’s Bhangra. This influenced all the Bhangra bands in the competitive market to change their style of music. The entrepreneurial strategies of DCS have become the main trend to follow. In the 80’s, DCS followed the demands of public research and began adding the traditional Bhangra patterns, those commonly found in the music of renowned artists such as Kuldip Manak, Gurdas Mann, K.Deep and Jagmohan Kaur.

Modern music with the influence of the traditional Dhol and Tumbi embraced a real rich aroma of Punjab leading their success further to achieve Platinum and Gold disk sales. (According to Bhangra labels).

In this age of copy, mix and match, DCS has managed to endeavour originality. Because of this DCS have earned their respect in the Bhangra industry and have attracted a global following that has been reflected in the outcome of tours worldwide. For many years DCS have scooped the award for “Best Live Band” at all the major award presentations, and Shin has been recognised numerous times for his vocal ability and prowess as the most versatile Punjabi singer.

DCS is certainly a powerhouse of production, creativity, innovation and talent.


Available as full live band or Shin as solo PA