DJ Jatty

One of the most experienced DJ's on the circuit.


Introduced to the scene in 1995, 18 years later, he is still one of the most talented and versatile DJs of his generation, his disc-spinning skills evolving over time from 12” vinyl to the digital turntable. His music knowledge and library is vast – from Retro & Modern Bollywood to 80s Groove & Disco to modern day Bhangra, R&B and Dance Music - he can spin them all with great confidence and skill. No genre is ever a challenge!


During his musical journey he was responsible for the training and development of some of the most popular DJs that grace the scene today.


Jatty likes to stay grounded but his intentions are clear - " No matter what genre of music you are playing, use your knowledge and skill to keep as many people dancing on that dancefloor for as long as possible and keep the tracks flowing in a way like no other - that is the definition, ambition and legacy of a Calibar DJ."