Tindy and Rixx

A DJ and MC/Host team who have been working togethor for over 11 years. Initially learning the trade through Calibar as apprentices to Dj Rags and Dj Jatty respectively they gained all the necessasry experince to become a top team at Calibar. Now in their 5th year as the main stream Calibar team they have developed a loyal following who appreciate the atmosphere they generate and the versatility of music they provide.


They are also prominent Djs on the club circuit which has helped give them an extra dimension in their performance abilities. Tindy may also be recognised as his family appeared on the channel 4 show 'The Family' in 2009. Through all of this exposure and experience, they have picked up knowledge of all genres of music and possess the rare ability of being able to flow seamlessly through any genre of music.